A new concept coming to the creative quarter of Digbeth

Birmingham to get a new multicultural lifestyle complex - and you can be involved

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Art.quarter, a new concept for Birmingham’s Digbeth. A pioneering new complex that promises to reflect and celebrate the culturally diverse nature of our city, Art.quarter is the perfect blank canvas for a completely new scene.

Art.quarter has been over a year in the making, and will provide employment and development opportunities in the local area, as well as injecting new life into the Digbeth scene.

The complex is set over 20,000 square feet and three floors, and will be an explosion of culture and creativity, with talent from around the city contributing to create a space that caters for every aspect of modern life. Launching with a food court, gallery and boutique barbershop, Art.quarter will quickly develop to include a ladies-only hair salon, patisserie, kids’ dessert parlour, fitness studio, multimedia centre, retail and more. With the full complex, Art.quarter promises to quickly become the beating heart of the city.

The vision for the complex is simple but ambitious - we want to create unity through common interests, and create an environment for everyone to thrive, no matter their beliefs or heritage.

“The idea for Art.quarter comes from a deep understanding of the divisions in our city, and our society, and a desire to help to heal those wounds though creativity,

“We want to create a space for people to share experiences and begin to understand one another”

In line with the collaborative nature of the project, the Art.quarter team are looking for local creatives to put their stamp on the space and staff of all levels. They also welcome enquiries from parties who are interested in business partnership opportunities.

The vision of art.quarter

Calling All Creatives

Check out our Creative Showcase with more information on how to be apart of this concept!

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